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From: THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, Vol. 2, No. 5: [Exclusive Interview with Dr.
Hank Krastman Ph.D] Dr. Hank Krastman has spent the last 23 years researching
and reporting on the Earth’s Ley Lines, Vortexes, Men in Black, Crystals and
Crystal Skulls and Hopi entrances to the Inner Earth. He has written and
published many books and videos on these and other subjects, and until
recently published UNEXPLAINED magazine. His continuing work will soon be
– – – – – – –
Dr. Krastman, how did you become involved in your research, particularly in
your study of the Hopi Indians and the Inner Earth?
Please call me Hank. In 1961, while attending classes at the University of
Northern Arizona I met a young, blue eyed, blond headed fellow student named
Karl Kopavi Waltz [of the Waltz clan of the Hopi nation]. Through
conversation I learned that he was a Hopi Indian with a Dutch ancestor and
was planning on becoming a teacher.

The name “Karl Waltz” came from his Great Great GrandfatherJacob Waltz
who, was from Holland. As I was also from Holland this became our bond. I
learned that Jacob Waltz was well known to western history buffs as the “lost
Dutchman”, holder of the secret of The Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona’s
Superstition Mountains. I will go into this in detail in my upcoming book
“Kopavi”, but in 1875 at the age of 65, Jacob married a 16 year old Hopi girl
who was named — because of her light complexion and blue eyes — MUHA, the
“Fire One”.

Kopavi and I became close friends and as time went on he told me many things
that made such good sense that I wanted to know more. One of t the most
fascinating things he told me was the real secret of “The Lost Dutchman

Kopavi told me that his grandmother had told him that his Great Great
Grandfather, Jacob Waltz had lived with the Pima Indians at the Superstition
Mountains. The Indians grew to trust the 64 year old Dutchman and since the
Pima’s were not allowed to enter the sacred entrances to the underground,
they asked him to take sacks of salt to the underground people. Salt is
scarce in the inner world and gold is not. Jacob in turn would recieve sacks
of gold as his reward.

So the “Lost Dutchman Mine” never existed?

That’s right. it’s actually an entrance to the inner lands and, as I learned
later, just one of many entrances found around the world. I also was amazed
to learn that Kopavi was actually from the underground city of PALATKWAPI.

One day Kopavi asked if I’d like to actually see an entrance to the
underground… I was thrilled.

[Note: the Hopis,and Cherokee believe that the Pueblo Indians had in the most
ancient times taken up residence within an underground ‘cavern’ world and
after a long period of time emerged once again onto the surface. Some say
that reptilian humanoids drove them to the surface, other versions state that
some of the underground Hopi turned to practicing sorcery and made things bad
for the rest, while other versions state that an underground ‘flood’ forced
them to seek refuge topside. Some versions say that they emerged through a
cavern, other through a mound, and still other versions state that the portal
of emergence, the sipapu or sipapuni, lies hidden under a pool of yellowish
water. Most of the Hopi versions however agree with the LOCATION of the
sipapu… somewhere along the Little Colorado River, a ‘short’ ways upstream
from its confluence with the Colorado River. The sipapu is considered one of
the most sacred sites of the Hopi people. – Branton]

First we went to the Grand Canyon where we hired two donkeys. Karl assured me
[that] the donkeys were sure-footed, but I wasn’t so sure once we started to
climb, the trail became small and full of rocks and from time to time I could
feel the donkeys hind legs slip on the smooth, loose slate. All I could do
was hold on and try to shut out the sound of loosened rock as it clattered
down the cliff side to the ground below. Finally we came to a wide spot on
the trail and I was able to breath again. We took our breather on a small
plateau from which the panoramic view of the Grand Canyon spread out below
displaying the rich earth colors found only in the American southwest. Karl
brought out a blindfold and explained that, while he had secured permission

from the Council of Nine for me to enter these sacred grounds, he had been
requested to cover my eyes from here on out. The rest of the ride into the
Canyon was terrifying to say the least. How much time had passed I did not
know, I was too busy hanging on to the saddle of the small brave beast.

After what seemed to be an eternity, we came to a stop and Karl removed my
blindfold. As my eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight again, I looked around
me. We were in a large clearing flush against the canyon wall. Karl motioned
for me to climb down from my now, uncomfortable perch, as he did the same.
After stretching my tensed up body I turned to Karl who was standing next to
the sheet cliff wall. ,p. “Put your hand against the wall right here,” he
said pointing to the solid rock race. I did as he asked, and my hand didn’t
stop. It continued right through the wall. It seemed that the cliff wall was
only a created illusion to keep unwanted people away. Actually it was the
entrance to a large secret cave called “PUPOVI”. As we walked inside I was
amazed to find the cave was brightly lit. Before us was a sort of escalator
type device which you lay down on. There was some sort of transparent bubble
which covered you called a HAWIOVI. My heart was beating fast, so I stood
looking at this strange sight as I caught my breath.

Now I have a confession to make. For years I have been telling people that
this is as far as I went. I lied. I was told not to reveal anymore than this.
However, I have now been given permission to tell the rest of the story.
Actually, I did proceed from this point all the way into the underground Hopi
city of PALATKWAPI. I am putting the whole story in a book to be entitled
“KOPAVI”, which I am currently working on.

Wow! This is quite a revelation. So you took this Hawiovi to Palatkwapi?

Only part of the way. At the bottom of the escalator, which travels at the
speed of light, we boarded a PATUWVOTA or flying machine which moved through
subterranean tunnels on energy fields. I will go into detail about all of
this in my book.

Yes, I realize that your time is almost up and you have another engagement.
But, can you answer a few more questions?

I do have to go… but yes I’ll answer a few.

Upon exiting the PATUWVOTA what did you see? We first went into a large cave
room called the PUSIVI and my friend and guide said, “Welcome to TUWANASAVI,
the center of the world.” The large room had many doors all around with
strange markings on them. Karl explained that the doors were an added
precaution, in case an unauthorized person penetrated the area they wouldn’t
know which door leads to the city. I understood without him saying anything
that you didn’t want to open the wrong door [could be this, or could be that
this was an underground ‘intersection’ to different realms. IF however one
happened to make it that far, I would suggest nonetheless that extreme
caution would be advised – Branton]. Karl walked up to one of the doors,
placed his hand over a symbol in the center and we entered a clean white room
with a light purple glow called the POWAMU WUWUCHPI or purification room
where all the negativities and bacteria were removed from our bodies, both
outside and inside. Only then could we enter the city of Palatkwapi. There is
so much I want to ask. I don’t know where to start. It Palatkwapi located
inside the subterranean world of tunnels or is it located on the underside of
the mantle, or the inner-world?

It is located on the surface of the inner-world.

What color was the sky? Was it red?

No. The sky is a beautiful blue, no clouds and the sun was stationary in the
sky. The air was the freshest I’d breathed.

Can you describe what the city looks like?

Sure. The houses were all built in the Greek style with columns and red tile
roofs. The rooms are all open and airy with no glass in the open windows.
There are gardens with bright blooming flowers and plants everywhere. It is
very quiet, other than the soft rush of wind which was constant. I learned
this wind is called APONIVI and is pulled in from the North and South polar
openings by machines which are powered by the inner sun, then blown back
through tunnels to the surface of the earth in hundreds of places. This
system was designed to compensate for the gravitational pull and centrifugal
force of the earth and the heat of the sun in order to maintain the gravity
And a constant temperature of 76 degrees.


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