Subterranean Bases


Are you ready to learn about the things that move about below your feet?

Subterranean Bases 

is a correlation of 18 years of data from many sources.

It is based on documents which are believed to be written by responsible individuals who have either witnessed the information first hand, or knew someone who did and came by the material in an honest atmosphere.

If you do not believe the information presented here can be possible, then perhaps you should go elsewhere and try to live your life out in as normal existence as possible.The material here has been reported by real people.

The government, of course, will deny it.If you do believe that the concepts represented here may be possible, then you may learn a great deal in the following lines of text. If you are a person who believes that this information is not possible because the government has not agreed to it, or because the government disagrees with it, then this material is not intended for you.

It is intended for those who already know that the government has much to lose by admitting any of this information, or at least they feel that they have something to lose.

So don’t expect government confirmation of this, expect them to disagree totally with everything here. It’s to their advantage to disagree, and keep trying to maintain their secrecy.

The material on this website is an attempt to bring light on the subject matter involved, because the government will never do so.

If, for some unintentional reason, I should fail to acknowledge any certain author whose work is wholly or partially represented here, I invite them to correspond with me and I will be happy to include their names whether real or pseudo, and give them the proper credit.

And now, on to the information at hand. As you will see, some of it is incomplete.

I would sincerely appreciate any valid help in completing this work.

I believe it to be important.

Subterranean Bases is the Authority when it comes to the Underground.sub

We are looking for authors and other knowledgeable thinkers to help jump start this site. Time is short, help get this roller coaster moving. Authors are credited when possible. Some are not possible, because I don’t want to know who they are, and they don’t want me to know who they are, and I respect their wishes.

However, some of these authors are known by close associates of mine, and they do know these persons individually.