Subterranean Bases


‘Branton Papers’

1999: Operation Dungeon Storm

Operation Dungeon Storm” is a regular report based on years of personal research into the subject of underground anomalies. These reports may range anywhere from fact to fantasy, however most of the accounts related here have at least some ‘suggested potential’ of having been based in objective reality. We will leave the reader to determine for themselves just what implications this information might present on an individual and/or collective basis. – Alan ——-MASSIVE CAVERNS UNDER THE WESTERN ROCKIES!?Over the past few years I’ve come to learn of the existence of a major underground military-industrial facility southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah… in Little Cottonwood canyon. As… Read More


Branton is a guy who has been involved in abductions since he was a child [generational family stuff], MANY of which involved Alien/CIA agendas in the underground bases. He was “programmed” AS an alternate personality, or a “sleeper agent” by the CIA and has interacted with underground bases and especially Dulce WHILE IN THE altered state of consciousness. Many abductees will tell you that during abductions their “conscious mind” seems to switch off and another “personality” that is programmed by the alien agenda kicks in. These alternate identities are individuals in a sense, but also are linked to the alien collective which is how Branton gets… Read More


Compiled by B. Alan Walton #1 — In his book “MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT SOUTH AMERICA”, Harold T. Wilkins relates the following information, which appears on page 176: “Fuentes, who lived about A.D. 1689, and wrote an unpublished manuscript history of Guatemala, speaks of the amazingly large and ancient towns — inhabited by an unknown and long vanished race — found there by the conquistadores. He says: “The marvelous structure of the tunnels (subterranean) of the pueblo of Puchuta, being of the most firm and solid cement, runs and continues through the interior of the land for the prolonged distance of nine leagues to the pueblo of… Read More


by Branton Since the age of 12, 1 have had an intense interest in the subject of UFOlogy, which was sparked after reading Frank Edwards’ book FLYING SAUCERS, SERIOUS BUSINESS. This led to an interest in the investigation of subsurface anomalies, followed by a still later fascination with conspiracy research (all- together, they represent the study of that which is Above, Below and Within). I will refrain from explaining how I came to the following conclusions, as it would take an entire volume to list the various sources of information that I’ve encountered in the past 22 years. If you are interested in the original sources,… Read More

MindNet Journal – Vol. 1, No. 7

================================================================ MindNet Journal – Vol. 1, No. 7 Notes:Permission is given to reproduce and redistribute, for non-commercial purposes only, provided this information and the copy remain intact and unedited. The views, and opinions, expressed below are not necessarily the views and opinions of VERICOMM, MindNet, or the editor, unless otherwise noted. Editor: Mike Coyle Contributing Editors: Walter Bowart Harlan Girard Assistant Editor: Rick Lawler ================================================================ 8-21-95 A.P.F.N. 3230 E. Flamingo Rd. #352 Las Vegas, NV 89121 APFN a/k/a Kenneth L. Vardon | Dear Kenneth, Up until now I have been somewhat reticent in my desire to send you the information that is enclosed with this letter,… Read More

RV-ing the Grey Collective

by Branton I recently came across an interesting volume titled COSMIC VOYAGE, by Mr. Courtney M. Brown, Ph.D. This work deals with the authors’ personal experiments with remote viewing, along with his trainer, a former remote viewer for the U.S. Military who taught him the secret military RV techniques. From my own perspective, remote viewing operates through the subspace body of a human being who is able to tap-in to the universal psionic field. Since the psionic field is the very foundation of all space-time-material reality, the so-called ” master program” of the universe, it is not necessarily bound by the limits of space, time and… Read More


The following are highlights paraphrased from Michael Ash’s MONTAUK SURVIVORS tape series: –Mach-12 Maglev trains connect all Montauk sister bases around North America –There were experiments at Montauk involving the duplication of an animal or object by recording its electromagnetic signature and rebroadcasting it via the sage radar so that the duplicate is materialized from the aether. Other non-duplicated thought forms were also produces by Duncan Cameron, for instance, like the ‘beast’ known as ‘junior’, a thought form being from Cameron’s ego which he used to sabotage the projects in the mid-1980’s –There were two experiments, Dreamsleep and Deepsleep, which involved the control of peoples’ minds… Read More