1882: Except from BLACK RANGE TALES

The following is a story which appeared on pages 222-242 of “BLACK RANGE TALES”, by James A. McKenna. Due to its length I will quote only those parts of the story relevant to the subject-matter of this manuscript… “…In the forepart of the year of 1882, I left Lake Valley where I had been prospecting, and headed for Eureka, a recent discovery in the Hachita Mountains, which lies in the southwestern part of Grand County in the border country of New Mexico. “The Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Railroads were at that time working towards the spot where the town of Deming now stands, expecting to meetRead More


By Stoney Brakefield “Humanoid subterranean creatures ate 15 miners alive and almost killed two rescuers, claims a mining inspector’s report SUPPRESSED for more than 3O years. “Inspector Glenn E. Barger filed his startling find with superiors in 1944, but details haven’t been released until now. “Immediately after returning from the disaster near Dixonville, Pa., (50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh) Barger announced his retirement, refusing to set foot again underground, fearing he would face the mysterious creature again.  “He died in 1958, and his report remained hidden until released by his son, Frank, earlier this year. “Although the public was kept from the truth aboutRead More

1946: AMAZING STORIES: Hopland and Lakeport, California

The following is parts of an extensive letter sent to AMAZING STORIES magazine, and published in their May, 1946 issue, on pages 171-173; describing strange UFO – and “Men In Black” – type anomalies with an apparent subterranean connection, in a remote area between Hopland and Lakeport, California:    “Sirs… The thing that I am trying to say is that I think I can show you an entrance to this subterranean city that he has written about several issues back.    “Here is what happened to me and you may judge for yourself. In 1931 my mother and I took up this section of landRead More


The December, 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES magazine, on pages 24-25, carries the following story, titled ‘LEGEND OF QUINMAS VALLEY’.  The story was told by a man – an explorer – by the name of Rex Du Howard:      “…The storm had become quite bad, and Chatham Sound was no place for small craft such as ours, so we  put about and into a nearby harbor. Farther cruising into Alaska waters would be held up till the storm abated.     “Overlooking the harbor was an Indian village, and having nothing better to do, I took my pencils and sketch book and went to shoreRead More

1946: AMAZING STORIES: Pennsylvania Cave

The next letter appeared in the December, 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES magazine, on page 162:    “Sirs: I have been a reader of AMAZING STORIES for a very long time, and have been even more interested in your Magazine since Mr. Shaver has begun his contributions on caves. At present I am a patient (surgical) in Augustana Hospital, but will be discharged in a few days, so any communication will reach me at my home address. I too, know one of these entrances into the world below. It is about fifty miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa, in the first range of the Allegheny Mountains.Read More

1947: AMAZING STORIES: Big Bend Area Underground

This next letter appeared on pages 171-172 of the October, 1947 issue of AMAZING STORIES:    “Sirs:  Norman Finley, a neighbor of a good friend of mine, told me about an experience he had which was rather unusual. He and a couple of other fellows were hunting down in the Big Bend country. I don’t know whether you are familiar with the Big Bend or not, but there is no more wild or desolate area in the country. Rugged, mountainous, cut by canyons, there are innumerable parts of it which have never known the foot of man.    “It was in one of theRead More

1947: AMAZING STORIES: Burley, Idaho Underground

The following letter appeared on pages 174-175 of the October, 1947 issue of AMAZING STORIES:    “Sirs:  Perhaps I have delayed over-long to send you my slight contribution to the master code. Why? I was still afraid there might be some slip that would put me in a bad spot. I am a druggist in this town and any trace of nut’s talk would ruin my job. I have been waiting for the issue which just hit the newsstand and agree with you completely.    “There is in this area an artifact which seems to prove all you have printed about the cavern dwellers.Read More

1947: AMAZING STORIES: California Cave

The following letter was published in the March, 1947 issue of AMAZING STORIES magazine and can be found on pages 171-173 of that issue:    “…The writer is presently a writer for the Washington Times Harold, is a former World War II combat infantry officer and a holder of the Distinguished Service Cross.    “I can be checked upon at my paper or better, simply contacted there by your Washington office. I vouch for the following and will be glad to be of assistance for the hell and not the cash of it.    “I’ll tell you a story about a story about aRead More

1947: UNDERGROUND EMPIRE: The East Caves of Syracuse

Clay Perry, in his book “UNDERGROUND EMPIRE” (pages 199-201), relates the following:    “…Out of the clear sky of Utah, in June 1947 came a strange inquiry about reputed caverns near Syracuse, N.Y …  Miss Opal Kemp of 220 Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, made the inquiry, first to the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, then to the Secretary of state at Albany, and finally to me, through the circulation of one of her letters to officials of the State Museum and the State Department of Conservation, who had an idea that a spelunker from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, would know about them if anyone did.    “Miss KempRead More

1948: AMAZING STORIES: Burley, Idaho Underground Revisited

The next letter appeared later on pages 164-165 of the January, 1948 issue of AMAZING STORIES:    Sirs: If you file your correspondence, you will find a letter there from this writer which was written in the early part of this year, advising you of reading my first AMAZING STORIES magazine and of my interest in the mystery of the caves, especially the articles by Mr. Shaver. I haven’t missed a copy of A. S. since then and interest in the mystery of the caves has grown until you may class me as an unofficial member of the CHMBS (“Cave Hunters Mutual Benefit Society”Read More