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1981: A UFO Base Beneath The Sierra Bermeja Range In S.W. Puerto Rico?

  by: Jorge Martin UFO Researcher – Puerto Rico Editor of Evidencia OVNI (Puerto Rico) and FSR Consultant.   (Précis translation from Spanish. G.C.) (EVIDENCIA OVNI No.2)   During his recent visit to Puerto Rico, Bob Pratt, U.S. investigator, said: “Puerto Rico is incredible. In other parts of the world you see a wave of a certain type of case for a certain time and in a certain place – but here all types of UFO cases are occuring everywhere all the time. You see UFOs entering or leaving the sea, entering into mountains, landings, encounters with entities, abductions, physical examinations, military jets pursuing UFOs and… Read More

2000: Aliens Under The Sea

Source: Daily Mail newspaper (UK) Publication Date: November 11, 2000 Extracted from UNEARTHLY DISCLOSURE by Timothy Good, published by Century at 16.99. Timothy Good 2000   Forget UFOs, something fishy is going on in the Caribbean. Are Unidentified Submergible Objects the latest space menace? Judge the facts for yourself. by Timothy Good   IT’S THE most outlandish alien theory yet. Beings from outer space establishing secret bases on Earth, and travelling in ships that are just as much at home beneath the sea as they are in the skies. Beyond belief? Perhaps. But a new book expounding the idea is written by one of the world’s… Read More

Alien under water base found in Dragons triangle

A secret under water alien base in the waters off the cost of japan in what is known as the dragons triangle Related articles Trouble in River City! Drugs in Our Water 2015: March Sightings Federal Judge Considers Declaring Marijuana ‘Schedule I’ Status Unconstitutional After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family An Island of the Dead(ish) Former Presidents Warn About the “Invisible Government” Running the United States The Mysterious Vanishing Battalion of WWI

Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert ?

What ever happened with Steve Fossett ? John Lear says it might have to do with an Above Top Secret UNDERGROUND Submarine Base.    John revealed it’s location and he thinks the Base Commander was pissed.  A short time later Steve Fossett turns up missing.     The Navy Sub Base in Nevada might have thought   John Lear was in the plane (photographing the location).    The aircraft was ordered to be shot down.    Then..the ONI removed the evidence of the crashed aircraft. That is why the Mega Search turned up NOTHING.     So…We do NOT know how true the above is.   But….   The City of Hawthorne continues to… Read More

Melting Antarctica Ice Reveals UFO Underwater Base

Planet Earth is undergoing major changes including Antarctica. Antarctica is home to glorious mountain ranges wrapped in glacial ice. If you at them long enough, you might start to notice a strange geometric pattern — some of the peaks are oddly, perfectly pyramid-shaped. This, if you belong to certain corners of the internet, can only mean one thing: aliens. Now, using Google Earth we found an area of open water surrounded by sea ice in which you can see a perfect circular structure below the Arctic water. This amazing structure is not something natural but an underwater base created by an alien race or a secret… Read More