Subterranean Bases


‘North American Underground’

California’s Underground K-Z

California’s Underground K-Z Location: Kern River California Functions: saucer base Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: 29 Palms, California, Area 51, Nevada, Edwards AFB, California, and Mt. Shasta, California Notes:  the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield Source:   Location: Kokoweef Peak California Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Gold in huge cavern, blasted shut. Other sources speak of a “Kokoweef” river-system which is alleged to lie below Kokoweef peak just east of Fort Irwin, which looked- -according to it’s alleged discoverer, a Mr. Earl Dorr, and a few “Indians” who also claimed to have been in it–like a “Grand… Read More

Wisconsin’s Underground Bases

Wisconsin’s Underground Bases Badger Army Amunition Plant: Baraboo, Wisconsin Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: That a detonation might impinge on a vital link of the East-West tunnel system that was found under the base. Source: BURLINGTON, Wisconsin Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Stories of strange tunnels underneath Burlington and surrounding areas. Source: STEVEN’S POINT, Wisconsin Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Interesting News article on a cave near Steven’s Point, Wisconsin. Source: Location, Wisconsin Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source: Related articles 1979: February Sightings Hollow Earth Your Dreams Are Never Unattainable, This Man Will Inspire You To See Why A Water Bond to Protect the Environment and the Economy West, Hancock &… Read More

New Hampshire’s Underground Bases

New Hampshire’s Underground Bases UnKnown, New Hampshire Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: There may be as many as three underground installations in New Hampshire´s hills (according to reports). Source: Pease Air Force Base: Near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, New Hampshire Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source: Location, New Hampshire Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source: Related articles 1957: Ronnie James Dio Classy: Union Leader Giving Speech on Class Divide Cut Off by Royal Baby Announcement 1961: Sightings 1959 January – March Sightings Why Is Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration When We Can’t Take Care Of Millions Of Our Own Citizens? 1995: Cold Fusion Breakthrough 29 Incredible Facts Which Prove That Poverty In… Read More

Mississippi’s Underground Bases

Mississippi’s Underground Bases Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source: Location, Mississippi Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source:   Related articles The Men in Black – On Audio Edison Worked on a Spirit Phone to Record Voices of the Dead 1979: February Sightings Our Path is Our Path… But We Have Help The Mysterious Vanishing Battalion of WWI Can Vaccines Be Harmful To Your Health? 2015: March Sightings

Maine’s Underground Bases

Maine’s Underground Bases Loring Air Force Base; Northeast of Limestone, Maine. Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: During 1975, a rash of UFO sightings occurred over this base. The base, along with others, was put on a “Security Option 3” and was told to prepare to “Defend against a helicopter assault”. However, the UFOs were never identified as helicopters, and many witnesses said they looked like bright “stretched-football” crafts about the size of a car. Jets were scrambled to intercept the UFOs, but their attempts proved unsuccessful. This base has nuclear weapons installations. Source: Brunswick Naval Air Station; West of Brunswick, Maine Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source: Location, Maine Functions: Unknown… Read More

Vermont’s Underground

Vermont’s Underground Northeast Kingdom of Vermont Functions: Levels: Tunnels to: Notes: The Northeast Kingdom is the northeast corner of the U.S. state of Vermont, Comprising of Essex, Orleans and Caledonia counties. The term “Northeast Kingdom” is attributed to George D. Aiken, former Governor of Vermont and a U.S. senator, who first used the term in a 1949 speech. The area is often referred to by Vermonters simply as “The Kingdom”. Source:    [map id=”463″] Functions: Levels: Tunnels to: Notes: Source: Related articles Nobel laureates press EU leaders to classify tar sands as high carbon September & October 2014: Crop Circles: UK, Brazil & Netherlands NJ Mayor Cheers… Read More

Washington’s Underground Bases

Washington’s Underground Bases Bothell, Washington  Functions: FEMA, regional center, activity unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Unknown Source: Unknown[map id=”49″]   Bangor, Washington Functions: Naval Base Kitsap. Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: An excerpt from global reads;In June 2004, SUBASE Bangor merged with Naval Station Bremerton. The new command was named Naval Base Kitsap.The U.S. Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE), Bangor is located on the east shore of Hood Canal. The pier facilities of the base are located along two nmi of waterfront. The primary berthing facilities at SUBASE Bangor consist of four separate pier complexes: “KB” Docks, Delta Pier, Marginal Pier, and Explosive’s Handling Wharf. Trident submarines berth at Marginal Pier South and at… Read More