Subterranean Bases


‘United States Underground’

Delaware’s Underground Bases

Delaware‘s Underground Bases Delaware Bay, Delaware Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Richard S. Shaver created a stir in AMAZING STORIES Magazine from 1945-1950 after sending a ms. to editor Ray Palmer [who backed Kenneth Arnold’s investigation of the ‘Maury Island/Tacoma’ UFO incident which also involved military industrialist agent Fred L. Crisman — who later happened to be a close associate of Clay Shaw who Attorney James Garrison accused of being the Mafia-CIA go-between in the JFK assassination], Palmer also having publicized Arnold’s own sighting of disc-shaped craft over Mt. Rainier, which became the original source for the term “flying saucers”.  Shaver’s ms. was originally titled A WARNING TO… Read More

Florida’s Underground Bases

Florida‘s Underground Bases Miami, Florida Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Underground genetics-breeding facility with several mature and young girls being held captive by grey aliens. Used to breed a “hybrid” slave labor race that is intended to infiltrate surface society and do the bidding of the New World Order, which is to be ultimately controlled by an alien agenda.  Source: Mr. X    Eglin AFB Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Orion saucer base since 1978 Source:    Lakeland, Florida Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Entrances near the power plant and the phosphate mines.  Source:    Mayport, Florida Functions: underwater entrance for USOs Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: U.  Source: god like productions    City, Florida Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown… Read More

Georgia’s Underground

Georgia’s Underground Georgia Engineer Rex Ball came upon a network of tunnels in Georgia in 1940, which led to an underground installation manned by Oriental-looking men in coveralls and a few American military officers. When caught in the tunnels, an officer issued the curt command: “Make him look like a nut!” The next thing he recalled was waking up in a field uncertain whether the experience was real or a dream.  source: THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES, by John A. Keel  Atlanta, Georgia Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: A major underground Bavarian Illuminati facility constructed in collaboration with a similar base below the Denver International Airport. Like the D.I.A. facility,… Read More

Hawaii’s Underground Bases

Hawaii‘s Underground Bases NO KNOWN HAWAII BASES   Functions: Unknown  Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: Unknown  Source: Related articles Tibetan Fire Rites Gemini 4 – Astronaut James McDivitt sighting of object in space San Francisco Wants To Ban Plastic Water Bottles 1997: Scientists Pinpoint Moon’s Distance The Origins of Daylight Savings and Why it Wrecks Your Health “Feeding The Homeless” Is A Crime In Increasingly More US Cities Ban: Hawaii First State To Ban Plastic Shopping Bags

Idaho’s Underground Bases

Idaho‘s Underground Bases Burley, Idaho Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown – Sherry Shriner reported links to Dreamland and Dulce Notes: Druggist George Haycock claimed that he had explored a shaft that could be entered via a boulder strewn depression or sink 6 miles west of Burley, and one mile off the main road [presumably in the opposite direction from the river?]. Native American legends told of a demonic race that would emerge from a cave and capture their women and children. Mr. Haycock reported psychic attacks and impressions of evil activities taking place underground. The shaft led to a long square-cut yet ancient horizontal crawlspace tunnel with branch tunnels and a cave-in… Read More

Illinois’s Underground Bases

Illinois‘s Underground Bases Chicago, Illinois Functions: Unknown  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: – Allegations that the Bahai Temple near Chicago, which has foundation “pillars” reaching hundreds of feet to the bedrock below, contains an entrance to an underground system deep below which connect to other underground systems. Source:    Gallatin County, Illinois Functions: Unknown  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: – The reported discovery of a great cavern with large underground chambers in Gallatin county, Illinois.  Source:    Monroe County, Illinois Functions: Unknown  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: – A very LARGE cavern discovered in the area. Source:     Related articles Tibetan Fire Rites New Madrid Fault Line – Whose Waking the Monster? 1950: The El Dorados Is the Internet Making Us Less… Read More

Indiana’s Underground Bases

Indiana‘s Underground Bases Kokomo, Indiana Functions: Genetics Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: for years people in that area have reported a “hum” that has been so constant that some have been forced to move and it has made many others sick. It seems to come from underground, and “research” has turned up nothing although it was suggested by someone that massive underground tunneling and excavation is going on, using naturally occurring caverns, to make an underground containment or storage facility. Source:    CRAWFORD COUNTY Functions:Unknown  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: An old news article about “Wyandotte Cave“, which was said to be very extensive. Source:    Related articles Tibetan Fire Rites Your Website… Read More