Subterranean Bases


‘South American Underground’

Argentina’s Underground Bases

Argentina’s Underground Bases Cerro Aconcagua, Argentina Functions: Political Base Their territory to survey is Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. The main purpose is the gathering of information. Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Cerro de las Tórtolas (South) Notes: all trained in Andromeda – They work tightly with the other Base in the area. Composed of: elite ET’s 10, – ET’s as clerks 45 – Hybrids, 70 – Homo Sapiens NONE! – Ships 7 Source:[map id=”1″] Cafayate, Argentina     There is a river in the area named Calchaqui or Pasaje – SALTA Functions: Genetic Base Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Source:[map id=”2″] Catamarca, Argentina Functions: Repair of ships Levels: Unknown Tunnels… Read More

Bolivia’s Underground Bases

Bolivia‘s Underground Bases SORATA, BOLIVIA Functions: Unknown  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: A French Jesuit priest tells of his exploration of the San Pedro cave on Mt. Illampu, near Lake Titicaca. Entered via a crawlspace and opening out into a vast underground lake, the priest claimed to have rowed a small boat for hours until the cavern narrowed and gave way to a trail barred by an enormous gate of wrought iron with all of the characteristics of 17th century Spanish ironwork. He could not penetrate beyond the barrier so he turned back. Source: FATE Magazine, Nov. 1954; MT. ILLAMPU[map id=”24″] Related articles The Nazi-ufo Connection Intuition South America’s glaciers: going the way of the dinosaurs? Ancient Civilisations: Six Great Enigmas 1968:… Read More

Brazil’s Underground Bases

Brazil‘s Underground Bases BAHIA,  BRAZIL Functions: Unknown Levels:Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: The mysteries of the longest “official” cave discovered – in the southern hemisphere. Source:[map id=”25″] Conceicao, Brazil Functions: Unknown Levels:Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: An old man living near Concepcion told how he had visited a vast underground city where strange vehicles darted back and forth. Source:[map id=”26″] Iguazu Falls, Border of Brazil and Argentina Functions: Unknown Levels:Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Source:[map id=”27″] JOINVILLE – SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Several years ago a man calling himself “The Inca” (reportedly descended from that race), sent a message to Dr. Raymond Bernard telling how he had discovered a shaft on the top of a small mountain in… Read More

Chile’s Underground Bases

Chile’s Underground Bases North of the Maipo Volcano, but less high than the volcano itself. There is water in the area from the river which is passing through the villages of Bustos and San Carlos. Functions: Food Supply Base for the Area  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: [map id=”22″] Area Sierra de Callista, North of the Province of Catamarca, Chile  About Latitude 26 degrees. Functions: Surveillance and Control of the Planet  Levels: Unknown  Tunnels to: Unknown  Notes: [map id=”34″] Related articles 1989: UFO hovers over Russian nuclear test site of Kapustin Yar Intuition 1979: Star-shaped objects observed over Ingolstadt, Germany The Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Far Outweigh the Costs for Chile The Only Way… Read More

Columbia’s Underground Bases

Columbia’s Underground Bases  NONE KNOWN   Let us know of any information , Columbia Functions: Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Source: Related articles The Nazi-ufo Connection Federal Judge Considers Declaring Marijuana ‘Schedule I’ Status Unconstitutional After The Fed Crushed The Middle Class, It Is Targeting The American Family An Island of the Dead(ish) Former Presidents Warn About the “Invisible Government” Running the United States 2015: March Sightings The Mysterious Vanishing Battalion of WWI

Ecuador’s Underground Bases

Ecuador’s Underground Bases ECUADOR Functions: Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Reports of a vast subterranean complex discovered by Juan Moricz in Ecuador, near the area attributed to 77º 47′ 34″ west and 1º 56′ 00″ south; based on information from Erich Von Daniken‘s book, the gold of the gods… Also new discoveries in the ‘Cave of Tayos’ which is apparently the same cavern mentioned by Juan Moricz in Erich Von Daniken’s book Source: [map id=”35″] Related articles South America’s glaciers: going the way of the dinosaurs? Pictures with facts of Ancient Mysteries San Pedro: One Of Mother Nature’s Most Powerful Psychedelics Six Products in Your Holiday Shopping Cart that Drive Deforestation in Latin America Surveillance, democracy, transparency – a global view Do You Fear Being Alone? – A… Read More

Peru’s Underground Bases

Peru‘s Underground Bases PERU, [NOT SPECIFIED] The Kon-Tiki expedition, while in Peru searching for bamboo, discovered a cavern in which an ancient cuneiform inscription was found engraved on the wall, The inscription was later translated and told in poetic form the tragic story of a knight who enters the cave to rescue his maiden, who was seduced and abducted by a satyrus like creature, whose tracks he followed to the cavern. The knight, before descending to take revenge on the demonic beings below and in the event that he does not return, inscribes a warning on the cavern wall to those who might discover the cave in the future.  Source: Cossette Willoughby of Fairacres, New Mexico… Read More