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Monterey, California and Monterey Bay from Jac...

Monterey, California and Monterey Bay from Jacks Peak Park, with Monterey Pines in foreground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there a UFO base underneath Monterey Bay? Many citizens have reported hearing buzzing or humming noises underneath this bay. Many UFO sightings have been seen at Monterey Bay, Salinas, Monterey and Santa Cruz. When people encounter UFOs, most of these witnesses do not want to go public with their information. Instead they seek out other journalists that they feel confident with. I recently telephonically talked with a Mr. O Brien who claims that he has been abducted all his life by aliens. He describes the aliens as your run-of-the-mill Grays. When the abductions are about to take place, there is a buzzing sound, he will find himself paralyzed to his bed. The Grays will enter through the walls and lift his immobilized body into the air. He will be floated into their airship and whisked away, in which he will go through various medical experiments that deal with skin tissue samples, blood samples and genital sperm extractions. Many times during the abductions, there was memory loss and time loss. However he now has the capability of remembering his most recent abduction episodes.  

Mr. O Brian felt it was necessary to contact me, because he lives in Del Rey Oaks (in between Monterey and Seaside) and his alien abductors have finally taken him to their base which lies underneath the soothing waters of the Monterey Bay. He was shown holographic imagery of how the Earth was eons ago. He was shown battles conducted by Charlemagne & Alexander the Great. He was told by the leader of this base, that all human history has been recorded for posterity and that all information from the Library of Alexandria is not lost. The underground UFO base is clinically spotless, except they have areas of living vegetation. There are strange monkey-like creatures that live in the vegetation areas of the base. Certain areas of the base are practically blinding with multicolored lights. He was taken to a holding bay where he saw a fleet of disc shaped craft that were parked. I can’t tell you if I can believe Mr. O Brien or not. Perhaps he is seeking F.C.S. (Full Celebrity Status) in the realm of UFOlogy or perhaps what he is saying is true. He will never get FCS, by using a fictionalized name, so this does help his credibility. I ask if he has any proof to his claims. Of course, the answer is no. The one thing that I do know that is somewhat factual is that I once lived in Monterey and I have heard rumors of an underground UFO base in the bay.

If there are aliens, I hope that one day they will share the wealth of information they gathered at the Library of Alexandria. If what Mr.O Brien says is true. Now let me take you down another road, away from UFOs. Let s talk about gathering EVPs while ghosthunting. Many ghosthunters will collect EVPs by leaving their recording on all night. Later, they will listen to their recorders for EVPs. This is a long enduring and boring process of listening to hours and hours of recording, hoping for an EVP. Shannon McCabe (President of HPI) has came up with a technique in which you ask a question, pause and wait for an answer and immediately play back the recording to see if you got an EVP. I like this method better. You hear the EVP almost in real time. If a ghost wants to talk, they should talk as soon as you ask them a question. Why would a ghost talk one hour after being asked the question?

I suggest that ghosthunters try this method, I have received some great EVP results this way. Now, I will get ready for my next ghosthunt and put on my severe t-shirt. Why do I call my t-shirt severe? When I was doing the Penn & Teller Show, in regard to investigating the Mayan Prophesy of 2012 the Director asked me to put on something that I can comfortably do an investigation in, while in the jungles of Chichen Itza. I put on a t-shirt with cut-off arm sleeves. He told me to change, because he felt the t-shirt was too severe . So every time I put on a cut-off sleeves t-shirt, Shannon gets a kick and says there goes Paul in his severe t-shirt!