Subterranean Bases




UFO hunter Bill Birnes says that his popular TV series was canceled because of what the show uncovered. In a recent interview on Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold, Birnes recounts the shocking details about what his UFO team uncovered in Dulce, New Mexico on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. As you may know, Dulce is supposedly the site of an extensive underground base in which there are reports of advanced technology taking place. Some are reporting that much of this research involves a “chimera” type of hybrid genetic manipulation of different species, such as man and cow. Here is where it gets even stranger. Bill Birnes says that… Read More


Pages 61-62 of Timothy Green Beckley’s book, “THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH”, carry the following interesting account: “Near McAlester, Oklahoma, is a cave that is reported to have large steps going down to an unknown  depth. The steps, from all information, are 18 inches high, 10 feet from side to side, and about a Yard broad. From what has been reported, the cave has been penetrated for about a mile without finding an end to the steps. There is also a ‘bottomless’ pit along one side of these stairs. “There were three persons in the party which penetrated the entrance. They had only one… Read More


The Hopi Indians are a group of native Americans living on a reservation in northern Arizona. The word “Hopi” means “Peaceful”. This extraordinary group of ‘Indians’ (native Americans) have resisted all pressures to conform to the White mans way. Their traditions and legends are very colorful and detailed, especially the story of their emergence upon the surface of the earth… Long ago, they say, their ancestors lived in an underground world. After millennia’s of such living conditions and after migrating through four different underground countries, they decided to come to the surface of the earth to live. The following is an account from pages 205 and… Read More


Volume 1, Issue 2 October 1989 “THE PEGASUS” is published bi-monthly by the UFINET NEWS AND INFORMATION SERVICE.   The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of UFINET, but of the contributing authors.   For subscription information send a stamped self addressed envelope to UFINET, P.O. Box 0123, Alamogordo, New Mexico, 88311-0123.   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! by William S. English   In light of the many facts that have or have not come to light during the past few months, this is the final report that will be produced by UFINET and myself concerning Mr. William Moore. This is because it has become… Read More

Project Superman 3

May-1987- Track season junior year, at one of the major relay meets, it was announced the prior week that there was going to be a “clean and jerk weightlifting contest” sponsored by some guy I had never heard of. I of course was all excited, and trained that week on my technique. As it turns out all it was, was a guy with some rubber mats and a Olympic barbell set in the middle of a grass field. I took second place with a lift of 265 lbs power cleaned to the chest and then pressed over my head. The kid who won was a senior… Read More

Arizona’s Underground

Arizona’s Underground Location: Arizona Mountains Functions: Genetics Levels: Multiple Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   Location: Black Mountains Arizona Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Explorers investigating a cavern in the black mountains encounter a reptilian humanoid and experience “missing time”. Source:  Tal LeVesque Location: Fort Huachuca Arizona Functions: NSA Facility Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Aliens (believed to be Sirens), Grays, U.S. Military, Light beings. Larger facility than at Paradox, Nevada. “THE communications command central for the entire US Army (and rumored to be for the entire US forces) No phone call, two way radio transmission, satellite transmission, fax, etc., within the Army goes undocumented… Read More


From: THE HOLLOW EARTH INSIDER, Vol. 2, No. 5: [Exclusive Interview with Dr. Hank Krastman Ph.D] Dr. Hank Krastman has spent the last 23 years researching and reporting on the Earth’s Ley Lines, Vortexes, Men in Black, Crystals and Crystal Skulls and Hopi entrances to the Inner Earth. He has written and published many books and videos on these and other subjects, and until recently published UNEXPLAINED magazine. His continuing work will soon be found in INTERNATIONAL UFO LIBRARY magazine. – – – – – – – Dr. Krastman, how did you become involved in your research, particularly in your study of the Hopi Indians and… Read More

Apache Underground!

Below, the reader will find two short excerpts from the book Lost Citites of North America, by David Hatcher Childress. At the very bottom there is a very interesting conclusion or two. Page 308, Excerpt: Stories of tunnels abound in Peru and other areas of South America. Many researchers believe that these tunnels run for hundreds of miles through the mountains, as far south as Chile, as far north as Ecuador or Columbia, as far to the east as the Amazon jungles.As for North America. some historians believe that a similar set of tunnels exists in Arizona and New Mexico, if not Utah, Nevada and California.… Read More

Underground Facilities

Excerpt from ALIEN MAGIC by William H. Hamilton III)   One of the earliest American underground facilities was built at Raven Rock in Pennsylvania. The military refer to it as “Site R.” Sounds like “Section D.” Raven Rock was picked because it is made of greenstone, a type of granite that is the fourth hardest rock on earth. Construction started in 1950, and engineers had completed a series of tunnels and a three-story building by 1953. Two more three-story buildings were completed by 1963. The complex lies 650 feet beneath the 1,529-foot-high summit of Raven Rock and can be entered through four portals.   The mountain… Read More

Bureau of Reclamation: Tunnels

Bureau of Reclamation Tunnels Alaska Arizona California Colorado Colorado & New Mexico Idaho Montana Nebraska Nevada New Mexico North Dakota Oregon Utah Washington Wyoming Alaska Eklutna Project: Eklutna 8/31/51 27 miles NE of Anchorage , Alaska 9.00 feet in diameter and 22,772 feet long Circular shape with feet of cover Arizona AGUA FRIA Project: Central Arizona 12 miles N of Sun City , Arizona 19.50 feet in diameter and 3,686 feet long Horseshoe shape with 450 feet of cover BUCKSKIN MOUNTAINS Project: Central Arizona 20 miles NE of Parker , Arizona 22.00 feet in diameter and 35,915 feet long Circular shape with 760 feet of cover… Read More