Subterranean Bases



California’s Underground K-Z

California’s Underground K-Z Location: Kern River California Functions: saucer base Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: 29 Palms, California, Area 51, Nevada, Edwards AFB, California, and Mt. Shasta, California Notes:  the hollowed out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield Source:     Location: Kokoweef Peak California Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Gold in huge cavern, blasted shut. Other sources speak of a “Kokoweef” river-system which is alleged to lie below Kokoweef peak just east of Fort Irwin, which looked- -according to it’s alleged discoverer, a Mr. Earl Dorr, and a few “Indians” who also claimed to have been in it–like a… Read More

1999: Operation Dungeon Storm

Operation Dungeon Storm” is a regular report based on years of personal research into the subject of underground anomalies. These reports may range anywhere from fact to fantasy, however most of the accounts related here have at least some ‘suggested potential’ of having been based in objective reality. We will leave the reader to determine for themselves just what implications this information might present on an individual and/or collective basis. – Alan ——-MASSIVE CAVERNS UNDER THE WESTERN ROCKIES!?Over the past few years I’ve come to learn of the existence of a major underground military-industrial facility southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah… in Little Cottonwood canyon. As… Read More


In The Under WorldWe learned that the males do not marry before they are from seventy-five to one hundred years old, and that the age at which women enter wedlock is only a little less, and that both men and women frequently live to be from six to eight hundred years old, and in some instances much older.18 18Josephus says: “God prolonged the life of the patriarchs that preceded the deluge, both on account of their virtues and to give them the opportunity of perfecting the sciences of geometry and astronomy, which they had discovered; which they could not have done if they had not lived… Read More


Pages 78-80 of Tim Beckley’s book, “THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH”, also contains the following unusual story of an underground land beneath Oklahoma: “One of these ‘hills’ or ‘mounds’ have – according to yellowed newspaper clippings – been located near Binger, Oklahoma, by a newspaper reporter whose story was recently uncovered by Mrs. Cosette Willoughby of San Jose, California. She has spent a great deal of time investigating odd phenomena dealing with the Shaver Mystery. Unfortunately she cannot recall the exact source for the story although she remembers quite vividly that it was written 24 or 25 years ago (she did however record the… Read More


Pages 61-62 of Timothy Green Beckley’s book, “THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH”, carry the following interesting account: “Near McAlester, Oklahoma, is a cave that is reported to have large steps going down to an unknown  depth. The steps, from all information, are 18 inches high, 10 feet from side to side, and about a Yard broad. From what has been reported, the cave has been penetrated for about a mile without finding an end to the steps. There is also a ‘bottomless’ pit along one side of these stairs. “There were three persons in the party which penetrated the entrance. They had only one… Read More

1946: AMAZING STORIES: Hopland and Lakeport, California

The following is parts of an extensive letter sent to AMAZING STORIES magazine, and published in their May, 1946 issue, on pages 171-173; describing strange UFO – and “Men In Black” – type anomalies with an apparent subterranean connection, in a remote area between Hopland and Lakeport, California:    “Sirs… The thing that I am trying to say is that I think I can show you an entrance to this subterranean city that he has written about several issues back.    “Here is what happened to me and you may judge for yourself. In 1931 my mother and I took up this section of land as a… Read More

1963: PRYING INTO THE UNKNOWN: Bishop, California

An article titled “PRYING INTO THE UNKNOWN”, which appeared in the April, 1963 issue of SEARCH magazine, contains an interesting account of a couple from California. The article was a monthly one written by Will Carson and Jeannie Joy. The following appears on page 22 of that issue:    “It has always been a mystery to us in the first place how Mr. and Mrs. P.E. can find and afford the time to do the sort of things most of us only dream of doing. After knowing them for more than fifteen years, it is inconceivable to suspect their integrity or sanity – and yet they… Read More


The following information can be found on page 277 of Bourke Lee’s book “DEATH VALLEY MEN”. This story of a strange tunnel was told after the men had been discussing a local Indian legend, similar in many details to the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, from Greek mythology: “…”Now! About this tunnel,” said Bill, with his forehead wrapped in a frown. You said this Indian went through a tunnel into a strange country, didn’t you?”    “Yes,” I said. “I think I called it a cave or a cavern, but I suppose a miner would call it a tunnel. Why?”    “Here’s a funny thing,” said… Read More


By RALPH B. FIELDS (The writer of this article presents it as a factual story; the editor’s present it as received. It is amazing!)  “In Beginning this narrative and the unexplainable events that befell my friend and myself, I offer no explanation, nor do I even profess to offer any reason. In fact, I have yet to find a clue that will, even in part, offer any explanation whatever. Yet as it did happen, there must be some rhyme or reason to the whole thing. It may be that some one can offer some helpful information to a problem that just should not exist in these… Read More


Mount Shasta, in the northernmost part of California, has been a center of mystery for many students of ‘metaphysics’. The mountain is an extinct volcano and is the source of several Indian legends in the area. The following account can be found on pages 257-258 of “A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS” by Phylos (the Tibetan).  A similar account can be found in “AN EARTH DWELLERS RETURN”, by the same:    “Beside a roaring, dashing mountain torrent, falling in myriad cascades of foam white as the drifted snow, interspersed with pools of quiet water… deep, trout-filled, blue, reflecting flowery banks and towering pine-crested ridges, “ribs of the planet”…… Read More