Subterranean Bases




The following news article appeared in the March 25, 1979 issue of the Toronto SUNDAY SUN. The story, titled TUNNEL MONSTER OF CABBAGETOWN? – was reported by staff writer Lorrie Goldstein:    “There’s an eerie city lying beneath the streets of Metro, a city none of us knows much about. “Ernest has been a visitor to that silent world of sewers, drainage pipes and the ruins under old houses, and the memory of what he saw there will haunt him for the rest of his life.  “’I wish you’d never come here,’ he says as he sits in his small, neat Cabbagetown (an old nickname for the… Read More

A Guide to the Inner Earth: G to I

**** G ****   Gaddis, Vincent H.    — AMERICAN INDIAN MYTHS & MYSTERIES., Chilton Books., Radnor, PA 1977; Reprint by Signet Books., NY 1978; Thomas Nelson Sons, Ltd., Don Mills, Ont., Canada: Chapter – TUNNELS OF THE TITANS., pp. 47-57: Ancient tunnels and the Inner Earth.    — NOTES ON SUBTERRANEAN SHAFTS., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Jan. 1949, pp. 148-151: Several reports of strange artificial shafts and tunnels that have been discovered throughout the world, which lead into the unexplored depths of the earth.    — SHAVERIAN SIDELIGHTS., Article in AMAZING STORIES magazine., Jan. 1949, pp. 130-133: Several native American “emergence” myths which state that their ancestors… Read More

Project Superman 4

Ever since I had gotten my drivers license I used to like to unwind a little before going home. So I would ride around the area and play music in my car. A few days after the trial while riding around a bronco type vehicle is flashing their headlights at me from behind, so I pull over. This happened on West Saddle River Road, and I pulled into a small parking lot right next to the red building where my step mother used to sell real-estate.It is Mrs. Purrizzo driving the bronco, she is an incredibly beautiful woman (late thirties with a lot of plastic surgery).… Read More

Canada’s Underground

Canada’s Underground Location: Banff Canada Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   [showmap address=”Banff Canada” marker=”1″ map=”HYBRID” zoom=”14″ scroll=”1″ street=”1″ zoomcontrol=”0″ pan=”0″ mapcontrol=”1″ overview=”1″]   Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Functions: Bovine Genetics. Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   [showmap address=”Calgary, Alberta, Canada” marker=”1″ map=”HYBRID” zoom=”10″ scroll=”1″ street=”1″ zoomcontrol=”0″ pan=”0″ mapcontrol=”1″ overview=”1″] Location: Cold Lake Canada Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  The report of one man who worked in this top secret underground base, and who as a result learned the secrets of numerous other underground bases throughout the world. Source:   [showmap address=”Cold Lake, Canada” marker=”1″ map=”HYBRID” zoom=”14″ scroll=”1″ street=”1″ zoomcontrol=”0″… Read More

Caves in the United States

Erich A. Aggen, Jr., in his article ‘TOP SECRET: ALIEN UFO BASES’ (SEARCH Magazine, Summer 1991 issue), presented the following revelations concerning the UFO-Subterranea connection: “…A great deal of UFO research has also led to the conclusion that various…species of aliens have set up secret underground bases in the United States and other countries. It is logical to assume that such bases have also been established elsewhere in the solar system. If such bases exist, where would we find them? Existing information allows us to make a few educated guesses. “EARTH BASES: UNDERGROUND – The dark, cavernous world beneath out feet is the source of many… Read More

Chapter 38 – Conclusion and Philadephia Pase III

Jesus | Crown of Thorns

COUNTDOWN TO THE 1997 NORTHERN SHOWDOWN And from an article titled “TOP-SECRET NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN“, from the same publication: “…Television commentator Bill Moyers found out during a fifteen-day, globe-spanning trip in the company of David Rockefeller that just about a dozen or fifteen individuals made day-to-day decisions that regulated the flow of capital and goods throughout the entire world.” He quotes Bill Moyers himself as saying: “David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the ruling class: a fraternity of men who shape the global economy and manage the flow of its capital. Rockefeller was born to it, and he has made the most… Read More

Chapter 37 – Countdown to the Northern Showdown

Excerpted from RED ALERT REPORT, Aug. ’96,[quoting:] International cross-checking verified sources and other absolute reliable and “unprecedented” sources of documentation [DATED JUNE 1996] tell us that this time is for “REAL”. No fiction, no imagination, no process of deduction, the “TOP SECRET” scenario we now have in our hands is just BEYOND EVERYTHING EVER IMAGINED BEFORE. We can surely state that no one else anywhere has the “FULL COMPLETE PICTURE” with all accurate details of what has been carefully planned at the highest level of the world Politics and Economic Elite for something (BIG) to happen in 1997 which will disrupt life of millions of people.… Read More

Chapter 36 – The Final Invasion of the U.S.??

Canada's Open Door Policy

The following information was released January of 1997 by Dr. Al Overholt. Titled, “THE FINAL INVASION OF THE U.S.??”, the document reads: From the INTERNET, 12/96 [quoting:]The following, about a possible planned ‘invasion’ of the U.S., is, I know, the sort of alarmist thing one hears from time to time. Yet it ties in with other events that make it not readily dismissible.(1) U.S. forces sent to Bosnia, not here in the USA to protect us. (2) U.S. forces going to Zaire, further diminishing National Security. (3) Gulf War Syndrome, decimating U.S. military. (4) Gradual infiltration [known] of GERMAN military into the U.S. Like I say,… Read More