Subterranean Bases




Branton is a guy who has been involved in abductions since he was a child [generational family stuff], MANY of which involved Alien/CIA agendas in the underground bases. He was “programmed” AS an alternate personality, or a “sleeper agent” by the CIA and has interacted with underground bases and especially Dulce WHILE IN THE altered state of consciousness. Many abductees will tell you that during abductions their “conscious mind” seems to switch off and another “personality” that is programmed by the alien agenda kicks in. These alternate identities are individuals in a sense, but also are linked to the alien collective which is how Branton gets… Read More

2006: What You Need to Know for Your Future

By James Casbolt, former MI6 agent – July 4, 2006   My name is James Casbolt. I worked for MI6 between 1995 and 1999 in (I am ashamed to say) the dreaded ‘black ops’. Here is a copy of my new article. I am trying to raise public awareness of the crimes against Humanity that are taking place in the DUMBS (deep underground military bases) around the world. I would be very happy if you could post this article on your website. In truth, James Casbolt  3/7/06 After the completion of my last article ‘MI6 are the lords of the global drug trade’   I must… Read More

1996: Gray Bases

——— Forwarded message ———-   Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 13:29:39 -0600 From: library patron Subject: Gray Bases   Dear ORL: I just thought I’d share some information on a major underground base in Utah that I’ve been investigating. As you may realize, the Grays would not have attained the influence that they have in our world had not certain high-level ‘elite’ chosen to sell-out our planet for short-term personal gain. The collaboration began back in Nazi Germany, where the Grays helped the Germans — via a secret cult of mediums operating within the Thule society — to develop some sophisticated UFO-type craft that are NOW… Read More

1995: Helicopter Crashes, Wackenhut, and Underground UFO Bases

HELICOPTER CRASH AT TEST SITE   Conspiracy report on helicopter crash in July 1991 in which several Wackenhut employees were killed. The origin of this post is unclear. It was passed to me by who says he picked it up from alt.alien.visitors. — Glenn Campbell, 8/6/95.   ————————————————————————   The following article comes from the ‘TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT’,   Nov.-Dec., 1991 issue:   “The death of a journalist in West Virginia, plus the jailing of an alleged CIA computer consultant in Washington State may be elements of a much wider scandal that could have serious implications for the Bush White House in 1992. “What started… Read More

1991: More Of The Dulce Material

The following article comes from the ‘TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT’, Nov.-Dec., 1991 issue:”The death of a journalist in West Virginia, plus the jailing of an alleged CIA computer consultant in Washington State may be elements of a much wider scandal that could have serious implications…”What started out as an investigation of an apparent case of pirated software has grown to be a project involving hundreds of journalists all over the world.“The dead journalist, Joseph Daniel ‘Danny’ Casolaro was found dead August 10th in a motel room in West Virginia. His wrists were slashed seven times on each wrist and a suicide note was found nearby. The only… Read More

Chapter 39 – Prologue

Although this file has dealt mainly with Nazism, we should not forget the evils perpetrated by so-called ‘communism‘ in Russia, China, Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Many sources agree that during the course of the ‘Cold War’, Communism was responsible for over 200 million human deaths. Nazism was directly or indirectly responsible for the over 50 million deaths resulting from World War II, and an unknown number of deaths in third world countries as a result of underground covert warfare which the Nazified CIA carried out following the second world war. I’ve dealt more with the modern-day Nazi conspiracy than I have with the modern-day machinations of… Read More

Chapter 14 – The Coming Chaos

The plan is to unleash elemental forces of chaos that transcend government philosophy. The primitive mandate for political/social structure seems to be protection of the person from crime and disease, protection of property, a system of justice to enforce those protections, and organization for economic gain. All these refinements we’ve developed – democracy, fascism, communism, monarchy – come after the primitive mandates have been met.The theory is that if you remove enough of those basic protections the government will fall because it is not performing the more important, elementary functions. This subject is an enormous one which I could not begin to describe in such a… Read More

Chapter 8 – The Covert War

Covert War

A covert war has been waged against the people of this country and other countries for over 50 years. Some casualties of that war are people whose deaths are already suspect, but no one can quite put their finger on the real motive. John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King. JFK by 4 marksmen, of which 2-3 actually got off shots, one of whom was a well-known French contract assassin headquartered in Madrid. (Note: these assassins would most likely include the 2 mafia hit-men behind the ‘grassy‘ knoll and the ‘tramps‘ who were assigned to pick up the spent shells; the CIA patsy Oswald in… Read More

Chapter 4 – NAZI History

Following is a chronology based on research by Val Valerian of LEADING EDGE RESEARCH, regarding the secret ‘Nazi’ history pre and post World War II. In each code the first two numbers denote the year, the middle two the month, and the last two numbers the day of the month: 140000 – Adolph Hitler ‘dreams’ of Germany’s greatness in the world. 240000 – American [Bavarian Illuminati backed] bankers form I.G. Farben chemical cartel in Germany. 280000 – T. Townsend Brown discovers electrogravitic capacitance effect. 291000 – U.S. undergoes economic collapse, planned by the Bavarian Illuminati. 300000 – Dr. Henry Coanda begins work on Lenticular Aeroform designs.… Read More

The Dulce Papers – Chapter 3

DULCE NEW MEXICO AND A COSMIC CONSPIRACY? John Lear, a captain of a major U.S. Airline has flown over 160 different types of aircraft in over 50 different countries. He holds 17 world speed records in the Lear Jet and is the only pilot ever to hold every airman certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration. Mr. Lear has flown missions worldwide for the CIA and other government agencies. He has flown clandestine missions in war-zones and hot-spots around the world, often engineering hairs’-breath escapes under dangerous conditions. A former Nevada State Senatorial candidate, he is the son of William P. Lear, designer of the Lear… Read More