Subterranean Bases


Dulce Base’

New Mexico’s Underground Bases

New Mexico’s Underground Bases Albuquerque, New Mexico (AFB) Functions: Unknown Levels: Multiple – 1 – ? Tunnels to: Carlsbad, New Mexico Los Alamos, New Mexico Possible connections to Datil, and other points. Notes: Manzano mountain, or the Kirtland [AFB] Munitions Storage Complex, was excavated by the Air Force to serve as a nuclear weapons storage area. The mountain is visible a couple of miles south of I-40 on the eastern outskirts of Albuquerque. Security is extremely tight. Also, reports of grey aliens operating within some of the deeper levels. A 285,000 sq. ft. underground extension facility was constructed in the same area in 1989, although heavy secrecy surrounds these facilities. Source: UFO… Read More

2003: The Dulce Report:

Investigating Alleged Human Rights Abuses at a Joint US Government-Extraterrestrial Base at Dulce, New Mexico         An Independent Report by   © Dr Michael E. Salla September 25, 2003     Abstract   Dr Paul Bennewitz is an electronics specialist who in the late 1979 began to film, photograph, and electronically intercept what appeared to be extensive UFO/ET activity and communications that he traced to the vicinity of the Archuletta Mesa on Jicarilla Apache Reservation land near the town of Dulce. Based on the collected evidence Bennewitz concluded that an underground extraterrestrial (ET) base existed near Dulce that played a role… Read More

1995: Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget

Phil Schneider’s last lecture of 1995 Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget Development of Military Technology, Implied German Interest in Hyperspacial Technology The Fire Fight At Dulce Base Schneider’s Worries About Government Factions, Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts America’s Black Program Contractors Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat  Stealth Aircraft Technology Use by U.S. Agencies and the United Nations The Guardians of Stealth and Delta Force Origins of the Bosnia Conflict Thoughts on the Bombings in the United States The Truth behind the Republican Contract with America Some Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence Government Earthquake Device, AIDS as a Bioweapon Based on Alien… Read More

2005: Project Beta and Underground Bases

An Interview With Greg Bishop Dateline: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 By: STUART MILLER By: Phenomena News Editor Phenomena News Editor, Stuart Miller, talks to Project Beta author Greg Bishop about how many of the cornerstones upon which today’s ufological lore are built had their origins in the fertile minds of military intelligence and the behind-the-scenes spook-brigade.   SM: In our prior email correspondence, you commented about a slightly negative review of the book that had appeared on Amazon.   GB: The guy gave it five stars but he said he didn’t know if any of it was true and that the premise of the book was… Read More


THE FOLLOWING MATERIAL COMES FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE DULCE BASE EXISTS. THEY ARE PEOPLE WHO WORKED IN THE LABS; ABDUCTEES TAKEN TO THE BASE; PEOPLE WHO ASSISTED IN THE CONSTRUCTION; INTELLIGENCE PERSONAL (NSA,CIA,FBI) AND UFO/INNER-EARTH RESEARCHERSLocated almost two miles beneath Archuleta Mesaon the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico is an installation classified so secret, its existence is one of the least known in the world. Here is Earth’s first and main joint United States Government/alien biogenetics laboratory. Others exist in Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. The multi-level facility at Dulce goes down for at least seven known levels, and is reported to have… Read More

2011: New Dulce Base Info?????

In March 2011 I received the following email:Lon, I read the letter you posted recently about the Dulce Labs genetics experiments and wanted to share my experiences with your readers. When I was an undergraduate studying genetics in the mid-1970s, I did a 10-month internship at Dulce Labs. My primary duties were on level 1, that is where I spent almost all of my time. But once a week I accompanied one of the junior researchers to levels 5, 6, and 7 to collect data tapes and other documentation. I never got past the “clear zone” on those levels, but on a couple occasions I heard… Read More

Dulce Base: What Are We Seeing?

During the past several months, I have accorded some attention to several unexplained livestock attacks and cryptid sightings on the Dine Navajo lands in the Four Corners region…in particular, those areas in northwest New Mexico. Many of these attacks were, most likely, the result of Bigfoot-type hominids that are regularly seen in this area. Other attacks have a more bizarre angle, especially when the tracks of the perpetrator are of an unfamiliar genus and / or suddenly end in mid-stride as well as animal carcasses drained of blood and not fed upon. The Archuleta Mesa area near Dulce, New Mexico has long been rumored to hold… Read More