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David Wilcock: Inner Earth Civilizations May Soon Reveal Themselves to the World

by Ancient Code In a new interview by Coast to Coast AM, author and researchers David Wilcock stated that an alliance of ancient civilizations is living inside the planet. These ancient civilizations have been calling the inner Earth their home for long periods of time and they are about the reveal themselves to the world. Wilcock explained that during the formation of all watery planets in the universe (and according to latest studies by NASA there are quite a few) hollow cavities are formed below the surface of the crust, with their very own biome with bacteria that is capable of giving off natural light. “What… Read More

The Underground Empire 3

There have even been other accounts suggesting that there is a “base” near Mt. Lassen consisting of “joint” human-sauroid activity, or humans under the control of the serpent race and thus serving their cause. The following account which we will describe shortly was released by Val Valerian in June of 1992, and appeared in ‘LEADING EDGE’ magazine. The account describes human-sized reptilians (who might, with some alterations, be able to pass themselves off as humans?) or reptoids that are apparently extremely dangerous and threatening. In fact, there are other accounts that suggest that the human-sized, and larger, sauroids absolutely despise humanity and unlike the saurian Grays… Read More

Was a Mysterious Underground Structure Found On the Moon?

by Olav Phillips In a strange turn of events NASA’s “GRAIL” Spacecraft has detected what scientists are calling a  “Strikingly Geometric”  shape hidden on beneath the Moon’s surface under the Ocean of Storms (Oceanus Procellarum).  This new discovery, found while mapping gravitational properties of the Moon has scientists rethinking their traditional theories. Previously scientists had believed the moon’s Ocean of Storms was a round crater created by a massive meteorite impact but are now forced to explore new options. “GRAIL has revealed features on the moon that no one anticipated before we had this data in hand,” said study author Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna, a planetary scientist at… Read More


Pages 61-62 of Timothy Green Beckley’s book, “THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH”, carry the following interesting account: “Near McAlester, Oklahoma, is a cave that is reported to have large steps going down to an unknown  depth. The steps, from all information, are 18 inches high, 10 feet from side to side, and about a Yard broad. From what has been reported, the cave has been penetrated for about a mile without finding an end to the steps. There is also a ‘bottomless’ pit along one side of these stairs. “There were three persons in the party which penetrated the entrance. They had only one… Read More

1963: PRYING INTO THE UNKNOWN: Bishop, California

An article titled “PRYING INTO THE UNKNOWN”, which appeared in the April, 1963 issue of SEARCH magazine, contains an interesting account of a couple from California. The article was a monthly one written by Will Carson and Jeannie Joy. The following appears on page 22 of that issue:    “It has always been a mystery to us in the first place how Mr. and Mrs. P.E. can find and afford the time to do the sort of things most of us only dream of doing. After knowing them for more than fifteen years, it is inconceivable to suspect their integrity or sanity – and yet they… Read More

1947: UNDERGROUND EMPIRE: The East Caves of Syracuse

Clay Perry, in his book “UNDERGROUND EMPIRE” (pages 199-201), relates the following:    “…Out of the clear sky of Utah, in June 1947 came a strange inquiry about reputed caverns near Syracuse, N.Y …  Miss Opal Kemp of 220 Canyon Road, Salt Lake City, made the inquiry, first to the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce, then to the Secretary of state at Albany, and finally to me, through the circulation of one of her letters to officials of the State Museum and the State Department of Conservation, who had an idea that a spelunker from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, would know about them if anyone did.    “Miss Kemp had written… Read More

Buck Hill Caverns, Virginia

Warren‘ Smith’s book “INTO THE STRANGE”, pages 70-71, carries the following unusual story. The cavern in question WAS commercialized in 1978 and is located not far from Lexington, Virginia:  A few miles from the tiny town of Bell’s Cove, deep in the rugged mountains of Virginia, is an unexplored underground wonderland in the little-known Buck Hill caverns. While the nearby Natural Bridge is visited each year by several hundred thousand vacationers, the cave has not been opened as a tourist attraction. People who have entered into the cave are convinced something supernatural lurks within its dark passages. ‘It’s haunted,’ is a common statement. Jake Fitzgerald was… Read More


The following information can be found on page 277 of Bourke Lee’s book “DEATH VALLEY MEN”. This story of a strange tunnel was told after the men had been discussing a local Indian legend, similar in many details to the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, from Greek mythology: “…”Now! About this tunnel,” said Bill, with his forehead wrapped in a frown. You said this Indian went through a tunnel into a strange country, didn’t you?”    “Yes,” I said. “I think I called it a cave or a cavern, but I suppose a miner would call it a tunnel. Why?”    “Here’s a funny thing,” said… Read More

1948: AMAZING STORIES: Burley, Idaho Underground Revisited

The next letter appeared later on pages 164-165 of the January, 1948 issue of AMAZING STORIES:    Sirs: If you file your correspondence, you will find a letter there from this writer which was written in the early part of this year, advising you of reading my first AMAZING STORIES magazine and of my interest in the mystery of the caves, especially the articles by Mr. Shaver. I haven’t missed a copy of A. S. since then and interest in the mystery of the caves has grown until you may class me as an unofficial member of the CHMBS (“Cave Hunters Mutual Benefit Society” – Branton).… Read More

1992: Battle of Harvest Moon

THE COSMIC GRAND DECEPTION In mid-May, 1992, tens of millions of people all over the country viewed the CBS presentation of “INTRUDERS”, which alleged to be the true dramatization of documented alien interaction with the human race. An interaction which involved various “experiments” which were being conducted by this alien race upon the people of America and, in fact, the world. What is happening to thousands of people, some of whom were depicted in the CBS presentation, that would convince the producers at CBS to produce an allegedly factual and respectable presentation of this kind on a subject which has in the past been the target… Read More