Hollow earth… Stuff they don’t want you to know!!!

As World War II raged across Europe and the Pacific, the conflict reached every continent on the planet, including Antarctica. Learn more about the little-known Nazi expeditions to Antarctica — and what they hoped to find there — in this episode of Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know. Related articles Jim Vieira and the Giants Intuition Connecting the Dots of the Paranormal: Little Green Men and Little People The Miracle Of Right Thought 1989: UFO hovers over Russian nuclear test site of Kapustin Yar

Aryan Invasion Revised

The Aryan invasion theory has been a basis and justification of Western interpretation upon the civilization and history of India. Although many Indologists within India have been influenced by such thought, the theory has not met majority acceptance within India and is even coming under attack in the West. David Frawley, one Sanskrit scholar recognized both inside as well as outside of India has assessed the current situation of the Aryan invasion theory thusly: “ One of the main ideas used to interpret – and generally devalue – the ancient history of India is the theory of the Aryan invasion. According to this account,Read More

The Ellenville Tunnels and Pine Bush Pits

SYNOPSIS: Through research, I have located underground tunnels in the TLP hotspot region. In Dr. Ellen Crystall’s book, she mentions underground tunnels and caves in the area which could be related to the ET activity there. These tunnels located outside of the town of Ellenville,NY are unusual because there is no natural or cultural explanation as of yet for them. BACKGROUND: These tunnels are a major mystery, local historians have no records of their existence and they have not occurred naturally. Some speculate that they may have been carved by Dutch miners searching for a mineral vein, but no evidence has been found yetRead More

Chapter 37 – Countdown to the Northern Showdown

Excerpted from RED ALERT REPORT, Aug. ’96,[quoting:] International cross-checking verified sources and other absolute reliable and “unprecedented” sources of documentation [DATED JUNE 1996] tell us that this time is for “REAL”. No fiction, no imagination, no process of deduction, the “TOP SECRET” scenario we now have in our hands is just BEYOND EVERYTHING EVER IMAGINED BEFORE. We can surely state that no one else anywhere has the “FULL COMPLETE PICTURE” with all accurate details of what has been carefully planned at the highest level of the world Politics and Economic Elite for something (BIG) to happen in 1997 which will disrupt life of millionsRead More

Chapter 20 – Rudolph Hess & The Secert German Space Base

Rudolph Hess, Hitler‘s best friend and second in command, went to England to try to stop the war with Britain and was arrested as a “war criminal” on May 10, 1941 and was kept from having any contact with the public until he was recently murdered. He was the only prisoner in Spandau prison. Ones who paid any attention to his situation at all have wondered what was the big secret he knew that made him so dangerous to the Allies? Perhaps the answer is revealed in [Christof] Friedrich’s book “Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions” on page 34: Hess “was entrusted with the all-important AntarcticRead More

Chapter 11 – The Group’s Operations since WW II

When their man, Hitler, went out of control they drugged him into oblivion and implemented the death camp ‘model‘ under Bormann. Early in W.W.II there was a conference hosted by King George in the English countryside at which representatives from all walks of life from all over agreed on a plan to undermine and overthrow the US and Russian states. Representatives of all the monarchies mentioned above attended. At the end of W.W.II, GEN. GEHLEN ran two operations in Spring, 1945 for them: the assassination of FDR using a chemical that caused the cerebral hemorrhage and immediate death and the [attempted] elimination of HitlerRead More