Subterranean Bases




Pages 61-62 of Timothy Green Beckley’s book, “THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH”, carry the following interesting account: “Near McAlester, Oklahoma, is a cave that is reported to have large steps going down to an unknown  depth. The steps, from all information, are 18 inches high, 10 feet from side to side, and about a Yard broad. From what has been reported, the cave has been penetrated for about a mile without finding an end to the steps. There is also a ‘bottomless’ pit along one side of these stairs. “There were three persons in the party which penetrated the entrance. They had only one… Read More

Nevada’s Underground

Nevada’s Underground American City, Nevada (The Flats) Function: (Suspected Underground UFO Base) Levels: At least seven underground levels suspected possibly more. Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: near Reno. Source: [map id=”161″]   Area 51, Nevada See Groom Lake Functions: Stealth and cloaking Aircraft research & development, “‘Dreamland (Data Repository Establishment and Maintenance Land) — Elmint (Electromagnetic Intelligence), Biological weapons research and genetic manipulation/warfare storage, Cold Empire, EVA, Program HIS (Hybrid Intelligence System),BW/CW; IRIS (Infrared Intruder Systems), BI-PASS, REP-TILES, back engineering of captured space craft propulsion systems, holding area of all alien materials and bodies/prisoners, Levels: 12 known: Doors have locks that are of the optical sensory area, in addition to other factors. Tunnels to: Ft.… Read More

Caves in the United States

Erich A. Aggen, Jr., in his article ‘TOP SECRET: ALIEN UFO BASES’ (SEARCH Magazine, Summer 1991 issue), presented the following revelations concerning the UFO-Subterranea connection: “…A great deal of UFO research has also led to the conclusion that various…species of aliens have set up secret underground bases in the United States and other countries. It is logical to assume that such bases have also been established elsewhere in the solar system. If such bases exist, where would we find them? Existing information allows us to make a few educated guesses. “EARTH BASES: UNDERGROUND – The dark, cavernous world beneath out feet is the source of many… Read More

Oddball links area to lost city

By Michael Ftizgerald Record Columnist February 17, 2008 12:00 AM An aspiring screenwriter from Brooklyn contacted this paper the other day, researching a baffling 1934 Stockton incident, a mysterious man and the lost civilization of Lemuria.Steven Sindoni said he is writing a screenplay about J.C. Brown. Brown was either a geologist (his claim) charlatan or wacko (my opinion) or hunted man hiding behind an alias (Sindoni’s deduction).Whoever Brown was, it is a fact that he turned up in Stockton in 1934, claiming he’d discovered Lemuria. Legend holds Lemuria, the Atlantis of the Pacific, sank in ancient times. In some variations, Lemurians, higher beings, retreated to a… Read More

2010: Close Encounters at PARI: UFOs and Subterranean Secrets

Bold Life Magazine – December 2010 By Jonathan Rich Underground at PARI Photo by Matt Rose While PARI (Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute) and its Star Parties promote the educational aspects of astronomy, some people believe there is something more ominous going on below the surface.Mary Joyce lives in the Sylva area and is the editor of, an online resource for local UFO sightings and unexplained phenomenon in Western North Carolina. Joyce claims she has reliable information about an underground network of secret government buildings beneath the Balsam Mountain ridge that has PARI as its entrance.”We know from many sources that there is an underground facility… Read More


[The image is a depiction of one of the two entrance sites to the mysterious and massive “Granite Mountain” facility on the northern slope of Little Cottonwood Canyon, southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah] The following are reports, in no particular order, concerning underground anomalies below the “Crossroads Plaza” and surrounding areas of Salt Lake City, Utah. I will only use initials to protect the names of some of my sources. Other sources were one time encounters with people who I struck up conversations with and who I never got to know on a personal level. It is interesting though how many sources have indicated that… Read More

1992: Underground Bases in Southern California

There has been a great deal of new information about UFO activity in Southern California, specifically in the vicinity of Lancaster, Palmdale and Edwards AFB. It appears that three research facilities operated by Northrop, McDonnell-Douglas and Lockheed are involved with developing new types of aircraft which possibly utilize anti-gravity propulsion. There are also reports by people who say they work at (or used to work at) these facilities. They describe huge, elaborate, underground complexes that are linked together by tunnels. Not only that, but some local residents have told UFO researchers that they have been abducted and taken to an underground facility where they report seeing… Read More