Subterranean Bases


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1992: Battle of Harvest Moon

THE COSMIC GRAND DECEPTION In mid-May, 1992, tens of millions of people all over the country viewed the CBS presentation of “INTRUDERS”, which alleged to be the true dramatization of documented alien interaction with the human race. An interaction which involved various “experiments” which were being conducted by this alien race upon the people of America and, in fact, the world. What is happening to thousands of people, some of whom were depicted in the CBS presentation, that would convince the producers at CBS to produce an allegedly factual and respectable presentation of this kind on a subject which has in the past been the target… Read More


Some people, as strange as it may sound, believe that there is a conspiracy in effect upon and beneath planet earth, one that is designed to slowly and subtly enslave us through a constant barrage of subliminal programming, economic manipulation, and preconditioning. This plan is one involving a scenario that is designed to set all countries, nations or republics against each other [eventually doing away with all sovereignties altogether and replacing them with a global religio-eco-political control system], using infiltrators who operate within the leadership ranks of all countries, especially the USA, Europe, Russia, Red China, Australia and so on. In other words our planet is… Read More

UFO Up Date: Info? On ‘Branton’

Dear ; I am an abductee who has experienced suppressed encounters with grays and humans throughout an underground system that spans the western base of the Wasatch-Rocky mountains in Utah. I’ve had “altered state” contacts with the humans who live within the underground system, those who I refer to as the “Melchizedeks”. These are members of a metaphysical lodge with connections to the deep initiatory levels of Mormonism, Masonry, the Mt. Shasta/Agharti network, Mayans, Sirius, Arcturus, Saturn, etc. They had formerly maintained cautious territorial treaties with the branch of grays/reptiloids that are native to the underground levels, and the reptilians took advantage of this agreement in… Read More

Project Superman 5

He has this little gauge and when I squeeze the hand grip I break it. After he ran all of his tests, then it was Dr. Purrizzoís turn. He makes me act like a monkey and try and lick myself.I remember jumping around the room stretching like a monkey and feeling very stupid as they laughed at me. Then he makes me act like a chicken and does many other things to humiliate me. This goes on for hours. Finally, the women who are in the room tell the men to get out because they now want to have “their” fun with me.The women with the… Read More

Florida’s Underground

Florida‘s Underground Location: Eglin AFB Florida Functions: Orion saucer base since 1978 Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   Location: Lakeland Florida Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Entrances near the power plant and the phosphate mines.  Source:   Location: Mayport Florida Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  underwater entrance for USOs Source:  god like productions Location: Miami Florida Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Underground genetics-breeding facility with several mature and young girls being held captive by grey aliens. Used to breed a “hybrid” slave labor race that is intended to infiltrate surface society and do the bidding of the New World Order, which is to… Read More

Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s Secret Diary (Feb. Mar. 1947)

by Admiral Richard B. Byrd I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity. It con cerns my Arctic flight of the nineteenth day of February in the year of Nineteen and Forty Seven. There comes a time when the rationality of men must fade into insignificance and one must accept the inevitability of the Truth! I am not at liberty to disclose the following documenta tion at this writing …perhaps it shall never see the light of public scrutiny, but I must do my duty and record here for all to read one day. In a world of greed and exploitation of certain of mankind… Read More

America’s Top Secret Bases

Fifty years ago, an American pilot called Kenneth Arnold saw nine discs in the sky over Area 51 in Nevada, where the US military tests high-tech aircraft. The term ‘flying saucer’ was born – and with it, a whole new subculture which believes that alien life is not only somewhere out there, but also here (indeed, probably in Area 51), ready to take over the world. Highway 93 winds through the Nevada Desert. There are no cars, no houses, no nothing, just sage brush and dust devils and a lunar landscape of grey mountains creeping into a never-ending distance. At junction 375 a signpost says “Extraterrestrial… Read More

1995: Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget

Phil Schneider’s last lecture of 1995 Deep Underground Military Bases and the Black Budget Development of Military Technology, Implied German Interest in Hyperspacial Technology The Fire Fight At Dulce Base Schneider’s Worries About Government Factions, Railroad Cars and Shackle Contracts America’s Black Program Contractors Star Wars and Apparent Alien Threat  Stealth Aircraft Technology Use by U.S. Agencies and the United Nations The Guardians of Stealth and Delta Force Origins of the Bosnia Conflict Thoughts on the Bombings in the United States The Truth behind the Republican Contract with America Some Statistics on the Black Helicopter Presence Government Earthquake Device, AIDS as a Bioweapon Based on Alien… Read More

2012: Underground Bases & Nephilim are Real – Insider

May 25, 2012“If the world feels more evil today than it did 20 or 30 years ago, you are not imagining it….We now have among us evil representatives in physical forms that do indeed look human, but are not.”by Carolyn Hamlett ( After reading “Subterranean Secrets” by Fritz Springmeier, I want to respond to some of the comments from your readers. I know the topic about hybrids and Nephilim is pretty far out, but not so far out when  explained in terms that people are accustomed to: From my lifetime as a former multigenerational server in the organization that has been working to implement “The… Read More

Jesse Ventura – Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport

When investigating the 2012 theory, former governor Jesse Ventura stumbles upon clues that point towards a huge bunker under Denver Airport that the USA governement buid in preparation of 2012.   Related articles Montauk Project Updates The Nazi-ufo Connection 1978: Police officer photographs disc in Colfax, Wisconsin American Middle Class “Wealth” Worse Than Every Nation But Russia & Indonesia 13 Chemicals Used In Food Products In The USA Today That Are Banned In Other Countries. 7 Things The Middle-Class Can’t Afford Anymore UBUNTU Party Explains Free Energy