Volume 1, Issue 2 October 1989 “THE PEGASUS” is published bi-monthly by the UFINET NEWS AND INFORMATION SERVICE.   The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of UFINET, but of the contributing authors.   For subscription information send a stamped self addressed envelope to UFINET, P.O. Box 0123, Alamogordo, New Mexico, 88311-0123.   ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! by William S. English   In light of the many facts that have or have not come to light during the past few months, this is the final report that will be produced by UFINET and myself concerning Mr. William Moore. This is because itRead More

2003: The Dulce Report:

Investigating Alleged Human Rights Abuses at a Joint US Government-Extraterrestrial Base at Dulce, New Mexico         An Independent Report by   © Dr Michael E. Salla September 25, 2003 DrSalla@exopolitics.org www.exopolitics.org     Abstract   Dr Paul Bennewitz is an electronics specialist who in the late 1979 began to film, photograph, and electronically intercept what appeared to be extensive UFO/ET activity and communications that he traced to the vicinity of the Archuletta Mesa on Jicarilla Apache Reservation land near the town of Dulce. Based on the collected evidence Bennewitz concluded that an underground extraterrestrial (ET) base existed near Dulce that playedRead More

2005: Project Beta and Underground Bases

An Interview With Greg Bishop Dateline: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 By: STUART MILLER By: Phenomena News Editor Phenomena News Editor, Stuart Miller, talks to Project Beta author Greg Bishop about how many of the cornerstones upon which today’s ufological lore are built had their origins in the fertile minds of military intelligence and the behind-the-scenes spook-brigade.   SM: In our prior email correspondence, you commented about a slightly negative review of the book that had appeared on Amazon.   GB: The guy gave it five stars but he said he didn’t know if any of it was true and that the premise of theRead More


‘RECOLLECTIONS AND IMPRESSIONS OF VISIT TO DULCE, NEW MEXICO   OCTOBER 23, 24, 1988′, is reproduced in its entirety below:   “Upon arrival I was introduced to Dr. John F. Gille, a French National. Dr. Gille has a PhD in Math/Physics from the University of Paris. He had worked very closely with the French Government on the UFO phenomena in that country (Note: There have been many reports over the past several years which allege that the French Government is working closely and secretly with a benevolent hi-tech ‘Scandinavian-like’ human society which has colonized a planet in the ‘relatively’ nearby system of Wolf 424.Read More

Fire Storm

I appreciate your comments. The genetics base (underground) co-run by the US government and the Greys is near Dulce, New Mexico, just below the NM-CO border. It is VERY dangerous to go exploring there, cause if you’re caught, you’ll likely get a 1 way ticket to the base.   One level is called Nightmare Hall where the Greys are doing hideous experiments. You should read Matrix II by Valdamar Valarian if you really want to be shocked. As the governments are working with the Greys (including the Canadian gov’t), there’s not anything you can do except by becoming as aware as you can andRead More

1998: Brad Smith on Paul Bennewitz and Dulce

Brad Smith on Paul Bennewitz and Dulce   From: Brad Smith   Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:47:51 -0800   I spoke to Paul twice in extended conversations in 1988-89. I called Thunder Scientific. He was spacey but understandable. He was a pilot. His business took him from Albuquerque to Denver frequently. He told me he had taken some photos out of the plane on several different trips on his way over the Archuleta Mesa. These pictures showed saucer craft on the ground, black cars nearby, and humans. Most of the pictures were stolen from his house by the AFOSI (Doty and others includingRead More

The Dulce Papers – Chapter 2

HIGH STRANGENESS ON THE ARCHULETA PLATEAU In the Spring of 1990 researcher ‘Jason Bishop‘ sent copies of the following report to a select few investigators, and later gave permission for the report to be distributed among a wider readership. Is the object described within the report the product of secret technology being developed by the Military-Industrial Complex as part of some covert or deep-cover space project? Or does it involve something a bit more ‘alien’ than mere top secret black-project research and top-of-the-line vanguard aircraft designs — the Stealth series, the Aurora, etc. — which are being developed at the Nevada Test Site? Or,Read More