Subterranean Bases


South America’

Underground Tunnels, Cities, and Civilization

Tribes of people seem to be living in deep underground cities, very ancient, in the deep Amazon, Spain, Turkey, and many other places around the world. Related articles Secrets and Mysteries of An Underground World Truck Driver Confirms Underground City Beneath US.The New Command Center for the NWO 2013: Giant Sphinx Discovered Among Bermuda Triangle Pyramids The Miracle Of Right Thought 2001: ‘Lost city’ found beneath Cuban waters


Compiled by B. Alan Walton #1 — Page 119 of Harold Osborne’s book “SOUTH AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY”, tells of one of the legends of the Tupari Indians, who live up the Rio Branco (or Parima) river. This river eventually merges with the Rio Negro and is to be found in the upper Mato Grosso region of Brazil. A young Swiss ethnologist, Franz Casper, learned of the following Tuparian tradition when he visited the tribe in 1948:     “…Long ago there were no Tupari or other men. Our ancestors lived under the ground where the sun never shines… Then the men began to stream out in great hordes… Many… Read More

Uruguay’s Underground

Uruguay’s Underground Location: Minas De Corrales Uruguay Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:     Location: Uruguay Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   Related articles The Final Return To The Matrix – The Reality Files Exploring American Monsters: Washington – Think-AboutIt Natural Treatments for Asthma and COPD Our Multidimensional 12 Chakra System of the 5th Dimension 1955: Glendale, California Sighting 1956: Choisy Le Roi France Alien Encounter 1956: Ombues near Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina Close Encounter

The Mystery of South America’s Subterranean Tunnels

by Warren Smith Strange tunnels that run for hundreds of miles beneath South America… An immense treasure hidden in subterranean vaults… Underground gardens artistically crafted from gold and precious jewels… Rumors of golden plaques with strange inscriptions engraved on their shining sides… These are the ingredients of the great mystery connected to a network of subterranean tunnels allegedly existing beneath the valleys and plateaus of South America. Enigmatic stories about these mysterious tunnels sound like something out of Arabian nights. The riddle goes back to the days of the Spanish conquest. Old chroniclers and cleric writers reported on tunnels and subterranean passages beneath many of the… Read More

Hollow Earth Theory Video

Hollow Earth Theory Related articles 2013: Giant Sphinx Discovered Among Bermuda Triangle Pyramids Connecting the Dots of the Paranormal: Little Green Men and Little People Who Uses What Type of Payday Lenders 1989: UFO hovers over Russian nuclear test site of Kapustin Yar The Mystery Of The Baigong Pipes

Indian Underground Origins

 An Excerpt from: The Whirling Mountain of the Navajos “   The Navajo religious system is intricate. Like most Amerindian nations, they claim to have come from a subterranean world through caves or vents that connect with this upper world. Theirs is a Mystery Religion based on Drug Cults (Peyotism), on shamanism, and on amuletic songs, dances, design and rituals. But the idea of a subterranean Creation one in which Mankind somehow originated underground and later ascended to this earth in some manner is peculiar not only to the Navajos, but to most Indian nations of the three Americas.   As a matter of fact, this… Read More

Project Superman 5

He has this little gauge and when I squeeze the hand grip I break it. After he ran all of his tests, then it was Dr. Purrizzoís turn. He makes me act like a monkey and try and lick myself.I remember jumping around the room stretching like a monkey and feeling very stupid as they laughed at me. Then he makes me act like a chicken and does many other things to humiliate me. This goes on for hours. Finally, the women who are in the room tell the men to get out because they now want to have “their” fun with me.The women with the… Read More

Chile’s Underground

Chile’s Underground Location: North of the Maipo Volcano Chile –  but less high than the volcano itself Functions:  Food Supply Base for the Area  Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  There is water in the area from the river which is passing through the villages of Bustos and San Carlos. Source:     Location: Area Sierra de Callista, North of the Province of Catamarca Chile – About Latitude 26 degrees. Functions: Surveillance and Control of the Planet  Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:     Location: Chile Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   Related articles Intuition The Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Far Outweigh the Costs for Chile… Read More

Peru’s Underground

Peru’s Underground Location: Peru – NOT SPECIFIED Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  The Kon-Tiki expedition, while in Peru searching for bamboo, discovered a cavern in which an ancient cuneiform inscription was found engraved on the wall, The inscription was later translated and told in poetic form the tragic story of a knight who enters the cave to rescue his maiden, who was seduced and abducted by a satyrus like creature, whose tracks he followed to the cavern. The knight, before descending to take revenge on the demonic beings below and in the event that he does not return, inscribes a warning on the cavern wall to those who might discover the cave in the… Read More

Ecuador’s Underground

Ecuador’s Underground Location: Ecuador Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:  Reports of a vast subterranean complex discovered by Juan Moricz in Ecuador, near the area attributed to 77º 47′ 34″ west and 1º 56′ 00″ south; based on information from Erich Von Daniken’s book, the gold of the gods… Also new discoveries in the ‘Cave of Tayos’ which is apparently the same cavern mentioned by Juan Moricz in Erich Von Daniken’s book Source:     Location: Ecuador Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes:   Source:   Related articles South America’s glaciers: going the way of the dinosaurs? Pictures with facts of Ancient Mysteries San Pedro: One Of Mother Nature’s Most Powerful Psychedelics Do You Fear Being Alone? – A Journey Of Self Discovery Imagine a World… Read More