Subterranean Bases



1970: THE UNEXPLAINED: Mount Rainier, Washington

F. L. Boschke’s book “THE UNEXPLAINED”, Pages 103-105, contains the following interesting story: “It is understandable that when volcanoes are inactive, they are covered with snow and ice. Many volcanoes rise out of “the eternal ice”. One of the tallest volcanoes in the world is Mount Rainier, in Washington, in the northwestern United states. This mountain, which lies south of the port of Seattle, is 14,000 feet high and naturally the top of it is covered with ice. However, there is something strange about this ice. If Jules Verne had known about Mount Rainier, he would have made it the place where the travelers entered the earth in… Read More

1948: AMAZING STORIES: Burley, Idaho Underground Revisited

The next letter appeared later on pages 164-165 of the January, 1948 issue of AMAZING STORIES:    Sirs: If you file your correspondence, you will find a letter there from this writer which was written in the early part of this year, advising you of reading my first AMAZING STORIES magazine and of my interest in the mystery of the caves, especially the articles by Mr. Shaver. I haven’t missed a copy of A. S. since then and interest in the mystery of the caves has grown until you may class me as an unofficial member of the CHMBS (“Cave Hunters Mutual Benefit Society” – Branton).… Read More

2005: UFO shooting out of underground base in the Andes~3.25 and at Mt Adams

~3m25s ufos shooting out of mountains somewhere in the Andes ~6m05s -till end,the same phenomena at other mountain area location (Mount Adams located in Washington-state USA) Related articles 1989: UFO hovers over Russian nuclear test site of Kapustin Yar 1990: Astronomer observes large triangle 1977: Large UFO with smaller objects observed over Jemgum, Germany San Pedro: One Of Mother Nature’s Most Powerful Psychedelics Cometh The Censor 1970: Jo Jo Gunne Is this REALLY a cloud? Mysterious UFO pictures from ‘real X-files’ fan conspiracy flames

Washington’s Underground Bases

Washington’s Underground Bases Bothell, Washington  Functions: FEMA, regional center, activity unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Unknown Source: Unknown   Bangor, Washington Functions: Naval Base Kitsap. Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: An excerpt from global reads;In June 2004, SUBASE Bangor merged with Naval Station Bremerton. The new command was named Naval Base Kitsap.The U.S. Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE), Bangor is located on the east shore of Hood Canal. The pier facilities of the base are located along two nmi of waterfront. The primary berthing facilities at SUBASE Bangor consist of four separate pier complexes: “KB” Docks, Delta Pier, Marginal Pier, and Explosive’s Handling Wharf. Trident submarines berth at Marginal Pier South and at Delta… Read More

1995: Helicopter Crashes, Wackenhut, and Underground UFO Bases

HELICOPTER CRASH AT TEST SITE   Conspiracy report on helicopter crash in July 1991 in which several Wackenhut employees were killed. The origin of this post is unclear. It was passed to me by who says he picked it up from alt.alien.visitors. — Glenn Campbell, 8/6/95.   ————————————————————————   The following article comes from the ‘TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT’,   Nov.-Dec., 1991 issue:   “The death of a journalist in West Virginia, plus the jailing of an alleged CIA computer consultant in Washington State may be elements of a much wider scandal that could have serious implications for the Bush White House in 1992. “What started… Read More


REVELATIONS OF AWARENESS The New Age Cosmic Newsletter Cosmic Awareness Communications P.O. Box 119 Olympus, Washington 83507 Helping People Become Aware 90-10 Issue No. 363 SPECIAL REPORT “NIGHTMARE HALL” ——-   “GOD” AT WORK ON LEVEL 6 THE WEB OF CONSPIRACY: (THE ALIEN PRESENCE): (PART 7)…   THE UNDERGROUND CITY AT DULCE, NEW MEXICO COSMIC AWARENESS is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars who served as `Channels’ for the `Heavenly Father‘ and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the `New Age’ of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Since 1963 Cosmic… Read More

What Do They Do At Mount Weather?

1) Collect Data on American Citizens The Senate Subcommittee in 1975 learned that the “facility held dossiers on at least 100,000 Americans. [Senator] John Tunney later alleged that the Mount Weather computers can obtain millions of pieces of additional information on the personal lives of American citizens simply by tapping the data stored at any of the other ninety-six Federal Relocation Centers.” The subcommittee concluded that Mount Weather’s databases “operate with few, if any, safeguards or guidelines.”   2) Store Necessary Information The Progressive article detailed that “General Bray gave Tunney’s subcommittee a list of the categories of files maintained at Mount Weather: military installations, government… Read More